Conservació de l'experiència: Convidi als déus i deesses de protecció, illa juju, Corea del Sud


A prop del poble Gureombi a l'illa sud-coreana de Jeju, Xamans resen a l'oceà per l'abundància i la prosperitat. Porten a terme la cerimònia Chogamje en què conviden a la 18.000 Déus i deesses del mar al lloc sagrat. Abans que els déus entrar en primer lloc ha de ser purificada. For thousands of years these religious and spiritual rituals have provided prosperity for the villagers.

"() Després de asseure'ls, the Shimbang Shaman prays to them for the well being of the villagers and for saving Ganjeong.”


Foto: Sota Verschuur, 2012

– Hong Sunyoung, expert and researcher

The Gureombi’s sacred sites, and with it the traditional rituals, are directly threatened by the construction of a navy base near Gangjeong village. Development of the base conflicts with the original lifestyle of the villagers and the fear is that presence of the base will permanently change the unique lifestyle of the villagers. This is both a danger for the environment and for the socio-cultural life of the villagers as the two are closely connected.

A difficulty in protecting Gureombi sacred site, and many others, is that they are not registered and often only visited by the older generation. Destroying these holy natural sites will bring an end to an age old lifestyle and might destroy it forever. Safe Jeju now is part of an international protest campaign aiming to stop development of the navy base. For more information about protests or threats to the site see theSave Jeju now’ lloc web or read the online estudi de cas that was developed after the SNS initiative visited the site and recorded the traditional ceremony in 2012 as part of a group of international sacred natural sites custodians.


Per: Rianne Doller

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