Francisco Chapo Barnett is a traditional Comcaac singer and custodian over sacred sites in the Seri territory, North West Mexico. (Photo: Alonzo Martinez)
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Contributing and sharing
Would you like to contribute to the work of the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative? We are inviting custodians, supporting organisations, conservationists, scientists and others to:
  • Share news about sacred natural sites in your part of the world
  • Contribute case studies on sacred natural sites, based on your work and experience,
  • To review and test the IUCN UNESCO Guidelines; take the online survey or get involved,
  • Contact us and tell us about your work and ideas for collaborating with the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative
The sacred Natural Sites Initiative is currently under development. We welcome and value your suggestions and questions regarding the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative, its organisation, structure, the website or any of the materials provided.

Custodians of a sacred natural site and supporting organisations custodians are welcome to inquire about how they can assist the council of custodians and interact with the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative.