Guidelines Translation

As a strategy to enhance protection, shaman Maria Amanchina and cultural expert Maya Erlenbaeva map sacred sites that occur outside formal protected area boundaries in the Altai Republic, southern Siberia, Russia. (Source: C. McLeod)

    The translation project aims to assist the protected area and sacred natural sites community by translating the IUCN-UNESCO Best Practice 16 Guidelines in as many languages as possible. The translations are produced, proof-read and peer reviewed by native speakers who know about sacred lands in their linguistic area. There are two types of translations 'full' and 'essential'.

    The Guidelines translation project is being taken forward in collaboration with IUCN, UNESCO M&B, Terralingua and with financial support of IUCN, WWF and The Christensen Fund.

    Translating, Reviewing and Testing the Guidelines: 

    Web Translation: 
    This website is made available in 53 languages.  To translate the essential guidelines into one of these languages, click here, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select your language. Improve the quality of the translation by clicking the edit button.

    Full Guidelines Translations

    The 'full' guidelines are official translations of the complete guidelines according to IUCN standards. They are available in the following languages:

    Essential Guidelines
    The 'essential' guidelines are 6 principles and 44 guidance points, contained within 5 pages in the original guidelines.

    These are working guidelines that do not yet meet the IUCN translations standards but aim to quickly assist people in as many languages as possible. They are available in the following languages:

    Download PDF: [Czech] [Italian] [Persian] [Portuguese]

    Download DOC: [Czech] [Italian] [Persian] [Portuguese]

    To translate the guidelines into another language or for comments contact