The Sacred Natural Sites Initiative works with partners in support of custodians and their communities working to protect, conserve and revitalise their sacred natural sites and the cultural and biological values.

Projects are based on community strengths and resources including material, social and spiritual. Support of sacred natural sites requires caution and sensitivity and is based on a set of principles. The projects aim to support locally-motivated and defined cultural and biological conservation efforts at sacred natural sites that are set within the context of communities and landscapes.

Projects provide fertile ground for mutual learning. They allow for the testing different approaches and methods and support the initiative's programme areas.

The projects provide and opportunity to build experience and expertise amongst all partners. This way custodians strengthen existing efforts and build new ways of practicing conservation and revitalization of their sacred lands, while support groups and the sacred natural sites initiative can use the lessons to share with others. See for example the "Approaches and Methods" page.

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