CVNI and Pronatura present Mexican Sacred Sites at Delos III


Jaime Santiago Mariscal (Pronatura) and Bas Verschuuren (CVNI & IUCN CSVPA) visited the territories of the Mayos and the Seris in the coastal desert as well as the snow covered mountains of the Tarahumara.

At Delos III, the presentation will focus on three different sacred sites in Mayo territories that come under different governance arrangements and land tenures which leads to a variety of conservation opportunities to be explored.  Delos III focuses on conserving the integrity of sacred natural sites in technologically developed countries’ and will be helt from the 1st till the 3rd of June in Inari Finland.

The following objectives have been agreed for this third Delos working meeting:

  • Respecting sacred natural sites related to indigenous and minority faiths in technologically developed countries (based on the Sámi people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia).
  • Guidance for sustainable management of mainstream holy / sacred lands.

Pronatura and CVNI’s joint presentation aims to contribute to discussion on the two objectives above. Sacred sites in Mexico have known long periods of syncretism and  Pronatura’s experience with the methodology it has developed will be key for delivering advice on developing further guidance on this matter.  The Delos Initiative on ‘sacred natural sites in technologically developed countries’ was launched in 2004, in the framework of the Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas of IUCN/WCPA. The Initiative is co-ordinated jointly by Thymio Papayannis (Med-INA) and Josep-Maria Mallarach (Silene). Two other Delos workshops have been organised up to now. Delos1 in Montserrat (Catalonia), Spain on 23-26 November 2006 and Delos2 in Ouranoupolis (Mt Athos), Greece on 24-28 November 2007. Their proceedings were published in 2007 and 2009.


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