Empowering guardian communities in Guatemala

Community Meeting
The Sacred Natural Sites Initiative and Oxlajuj Ajpop, the National Council of Maya Spiritual Leaders in Guatemala have been working together for over four years now.  What started as a collaboration to get broader and international support for the Law Initiative of Sacred Sites in Guatemala has grown into a country programme that is actively […]

Villagers of San Andres Sacjabja capture sacred forests’ threats and challenges on video.

New BAnner PV Guate
During April 2013 participatory video (PV) training was carried out in the town of San Andres Sacjabja in the Quiche district in Guatemala. The training was one part of a longer-term engagement of custodians of sacred sites in the district of Quiché  with ‘Oxlajuj Ajpop’ (an indigenous Mayan organization) in collaboration with Sacred Natural Sites […]

The beating heart of ICCAs in Central America.

From the 17th till the 27th participants from various Central American countries and beyond shared knowledge and experiences in two very exciting meetings. The first meeting focused on the role of cultural, spiritual and sacred values in sustainable forest management. The meeting, organised by Oxlajuj Ajpop, the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative (SNSI) and supported by Natural […]

Maya ready the world for a new sacred time

Don Nicolas Lucas, principal Elder of Oxlajuj Ajpop, leads the Maya ceremony helt in Tikal, Peten, Guatemala.
The preparations for the completion of the 13th Baktun had not gone unnoticed to the world. The international community had quickly caught the public’s attention by promoting that that the Maya predicted the end of the world as we know it. These predictions, all false of course, did generate a lot of publicity and interest […]

Join the Celebrations of the New Cycle of the Mayan Calendar

The Sacred Natural Sites Initiative is humbled to have been invited to lend its support to the National Council of Mayan Elders and Spiritual Leaders, Oxlajuj Ajpop. Especially so, as it’s efforts go towards supporting the celebrations of renewing the cycle of the Mayan Calendar. This celebration is to be held in over 20 sacred natural […]

Launch of the spiritual, social and scientific celebrations of the new cycle of the Mayan Calendar in natural and constructed sacred sites.

With the permission of the grandmothers and grandfathers we carry this message to the national and international community...

A Maya Vision beyond 2012, The awakening of the sun

Earlier in 2012 the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative visited the Guatemalan Mayan Conference of Spiritual Leaders, Oxlajuj Ajpop. During a long ride at the back of a lorry, Oxlajuj Ajpop’s director Felipe Gomez explains how Mayan people are currently struggling to restore a network of ancestral sacred natural sites that are increasingly threatened by resource […]